We understand, ever since that article came out in the florist review magazine that talked about doing a Valentine Menu, We have so many shops that have literally doubled their Valentine sales! All they do is put together packages in three different price ranges. Each package includes a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolate, a piece of plush, and a card. They price it all together and name it. Then when a customer calls in they just say… we have several sweetheart specials, our most popular is the Romance package. It comes with a dozen roses a box of handmade chocolates, a teddy bear, and a card, and it’s only $150.00 delivered, will that work for you? Our shops say almost everyone says yes unless they want to spend more or less.  Because you know how it is at Valentine’s, your customers know how much they have to spend and that they need something. Other than that you have to walk them through it and that particular week there’s no time to walk anyone through anything! Right!