It’s time to PLAN * Get READY for the BIGGEST Valentine’s Day!

Sweetheart Menu Boards:

I want to share something with you that a lot of our flower shops have said they’re doing now to make their Valentine’s Day a lot more profitable and organized! They’re making up their own Sweetheart Specials for guys to choose from when they call in and walk-in. They post them on a sign by the front door for their walk-ins, and at their phone stations, so they’ll remember to offer them to the call-ins too. They made up 3 different priced packages from 100.00 to 150.00 to $200.00 dollars. Starting with the ultimate sweetheart gift of 2 dozen roses, then a dozen roses with a box of chocolates, balloons and a piece of plush delivered! “One shop even had a guy deliver in a tux and got a lot of advertisement from it!” They said when a customer called or came into the shop, they told them about their 3 different all-inclusive specials first, and all of their male customers took the one that fits their budget because it was such an easy decision!

“Just think if you sold just 24 of them this year, at an average of $150.00 per package, you’d generate an additional $3600.00 dollars, and a lot of shops said they sold a lot more than that last year!

Kind regards,

The staff of Giftmart Wholesale