Spring Candle Assortment

Spring Candle Assortment

24 oz. Cherry Blossom
24 oz. Tropical Daydream
24 oz. White Chocolate Buttercream
24 oz. Warm Vanilla Cake
24 oz. Georgia Peach
24 oz. Wildest Dreams

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Our Brand New Spring Candles that are beautifully colored to match your flowers and they smell awesome! They’re made by Goose Creek so the quality is excellent! We brought in the most popular size which is the large 24 oz. house warmer size, which burns up to 180 hours! We have 6 different fragrances and colors put together in an assortment that includes two or 4 of each new style and they’re shipping out Free Freight today! We ordered these with the clear glass bubble lid, so you can do a bouquet in the top for a great two in one gift!

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